"uplifting tune music for jiggin' aboot"

Ceilidh band dancers

what we are

Based in Peebles, in the Scottish Borders, Jiginaboot Ceilidh Band are a multi-talented acoustic trio who offer an energetic ceilidh experience. Enchanting and melody driven music for dancers. Jiginaboot are formed by a collective desire to create uplifting tune music for jiggin' aboot. Morag, our caller, will lead you through all the familiar Scottish dances and also some exciting lesser known ones.

the members

Morag Brown - fiddle and calling

 Lewis Powell-Reid - guitar and accordion

 Johnny Morris - banjo, fiddle and mandolin


In addition, if a 'bigger' sound is required, we can play with a percussionist as well (as in the photo above).

listen to the band




Strip the Willow - Hornpipes.mp3

Gay Gordons - 68 March.mp3

Jiginaboot Ceilidh band can teach all the popular ceilidh dances: Dashing White Sergeant, Gay Gordon's, Strip the Willow, Canadian Barn Dance, St Bernard's Waltz, Strip the Willow, the Eightsome Reel, Boston two-step, Cumberland Square Eight, Flying Scotsman, Circassian Circle and many more besides. The band can also teach some more unusual dances, such as the spiral dance, and some continental dances.



Morag 07851776580



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