How long do you normally play for? 
For most ceilidhs, we will play in total for 120 to 180 minutes, not including breaks.
How many breaks do you take? 
We tend to play things by ear, according to the energy of the dancers. Typically we will take one break of about half an hour, somewhere in the middle of the ceilidh.
We do find that guests prefer a break after eating - between the meal and the start of the ceilidh!
Is it possible to play music though the PA while the band are taking a break?
Yes, we usually bring music which can be played through our PA system, or if you have your own music, it can be connected to our headphone minijack connector on the PA system. 
Can you call as well as play the music?
Yes, we can call all the standard ceilidh dances. If you have any special requests, please get in touch to check we know them.
Does the cost depend on the number of hours you play?
We charge a standard fee per booking, rather than an hourly rate. If the event is planned to run beyond midnight, we may charge a higher fee. We offer discounts for charitable and community events.
Do you bring amplification?
We bring our own PA system. Occasionally we play ceilidhs for a smaller number of people, where PA may not be required. We discuss this beforehand and try to establish what is the best plan for the particular event. Playing acoustic in the right setting is very enjoyable for both the musicians and dancers.
How long does it take to setup the PA?
We allow an hour to setup and soundcheck the PA system before we start playing.
What are the band's requirements?
- chairs without arms for all the band members
- a nearby double plug socket for PA (if required)
- the minimum stage space required for the 3 piece band including PA equipment, is around 15 square metres, and a little more for the four piece
Do I need to pay a deposit?
We ask for a deposit to confirm the booking and reserve the date. The deposit is 20% of the total fee. The remainder is payable by bank transfer before the date of the ceilidh.
Is it possible to use the PA for a separate DJ set as well?
No, we take the PA down after we finish our ceilidh set. In that case we would recommend hiring a DJ, or hiring a speakers to play a setlist through.

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